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Fish and seafood
The strongest and most resistant packaging

Abelan / Packaging / Fish and seafood / Base and lid


4pt glued or manually assembled. Once opened it can be used in both manual and automated production lines.

It is available in two models: standard and watertight.
Standard The qualities of our packaging ensure that the food stays fresh during transportation and storage. These boxes are opened manually, the product is placed inside and they are then covered with a lid.
Watertight The design of this box, combined with a material as strong as solid board, and coated on both sides with layers of polyethylene, allows it to be completely watertight.

The best image for your product. The printing system used allows us to add high quality designs as well as an attractive finish that achieves an impressive presentation of the product.

Additionally, 90% of our raw materials are recycled.

Finishes: we offer a range made of standard material up to completely moisture resistant.

Formats: available in all sizes, within the specs of our production lines.

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