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Dairy products
Protects the freshness of your dairy products

Abelan / Packaging / Dairy products

Dairy products are usually packed and transported in refrigerated conditions. Our packaging made from solid board helps to guarantee the freshness of your refrigerated product during its packing and transportation.

At Abelan we manufacture packaging that does not lose resistance during the cooling process, so that your dairy products can be stored and transported to their destination with maximum security.

Solid board separators

Grey solid board in sheets for separating metal tins, bottles and products that can be transported on pallets. 100% recycled and recyclable solid board.

Measurements: We can produce any measurements, although the drinks industry has its own standards: 1,120 x 1,420 and 1,150 x 1,250.

Printing: the sheets can be printed continuously in one colour in order to be recognised and reused by the customer.