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Founded in 1952, in the paper mill in Villava (Spain) special grades of cardboard with FSC certification are used in the manufacture of solid board, and other grades are used for the manufacture of all types of tubes and mandrels, corner pieces, cones, separators and many other applications, with an ISO9001 certified Quality Management System that ensures the continuous improvement of the processes.

The Abelan Paper Board division offers a wide range of boards, with weights ranging from 160 to 700 grams, for the production of tubes and mandrels, corner pieces, solid board boxes, cones, separators and many other applications.


San Andrés Paper Board
C/ San Andrés S/N
31610 Villava (Navarra, España)
T. +34 948 168 300
Fax: +34 948 168 301

Technical specifications:

Weight g/m2 160 700
Coat cm3/gr 1,2 1,6
Scott Bond j/m 200 600
Width 60 2340
Interior diameter mm 72 300
Exterior diameter mm 1100 1800

Environmental information
• FSC Certification, that guarantees that our materials and products come from responsibly managed forests.

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