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For an impeccable presentation

Our trays are perfectly adapted to be used with smoked fish and other delicatessen products, and they are also the best solution for all types of baking and pastry products. Its qualities of resistance to moisture and oils make TRAY COMPACT the perfect solution for presenting these products. The different films that cover the outside of the trays also contribute to presenting products in an attractive way.

Types of film available:
Gold (metallic and non-metallic)
Silver (metallic and non-metallic)
Customised designed

Our trays come in different weights, ranging from 500 g/m2 to 2,000 g/m2, and different shapes and sizes (rectangular and round).

The components used in the manufacturing of TRAY COMPACT comply with the different food standards, being suitable for direct contact with food according to both European and American (FDA) standards.

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